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Ways Of Practicing Safe Oral Sex

Nowadays, many people prefer oral sex either in combination with traditional sex or just the first one in cases when the two people know each other not well enough. However, even oral sex can be dangerous, so each person should be aware of several important ways of practicing this kind of sex in order to protect him or herself from possible health problems. This is particularly significant if you don't know your partner's history yet.

So, let's discuss main tips on practicing safe oral sex. In fact, there're safe ways of practicing safe oral sex for both men and women. If going down on a woman, one should be aware of the existence of vaginal dams. These product are specially designed to protect a person from catching sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The vaginal dam is also known as a Dental Dam and is represented by a square piece of latex material that is usually 6 inches long. This piece of material is located over the woman' vulva during oral sex. It's used to prevent the chances of transmission different either from mouth to vagina, or from vagina to mouth.

Unfortunately, even vaginal dams don't guarantee 100% protection. There're some risks in terms of creating a hole in a dam, however a vaginal dam is considered to be the safest way of practicing oral sex on women. Going down on a woman always hold the dam with both hands to ensure that it won't slip. The vaginal dam can also be used over the anus while practicing anal oral sex.

Using the dam remember that it can be used only once. It's recommended to have several additional vaginal dams in case if you want to have oral sex more than once even during one night. Besides, it should be emphasized that the same dam shouldn't be used on the anus and then on the vagina (or vice versa) as the diseases can be transmitted easily in this way. In addition, remember that the same dam should be used on only one person.

It's advised to wash a vaginal dam before the usage in order to remove unpleasant rubbery or powdery smell from it. Some people refuse from using vaginal dams only due to the reason that these items seem too big and hassle for them. But in reality, vaginal dams turn out to be the best way of practicing safe oral sex.

Before practicing safe oral sex on a man make him use a condom. In case if you're going to make oral anal sex on a man, use the Dental Dam over the anus just like on a woman.

The contemporary market is full of different kinds and types of condoms. They may have not only different textures and sizes, but also bring you different sensations during sex, for both males and females. Try sex using different types of condoms and check up which is the most suitable for you - either thin, scented, textured, ripped, etc.

Some condoms are already lubricated, while others are sold without any lubricant and have dry rubber. So, before using the latter type of condoms always have it properly lubricated. It will not only be easier for the usage but will bring more pleasure. You can also use condoms over sex toys.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that knowing the main ways of practicing safe oral sex is very important for both males and females. Even such small sores as cold sores can be transmitted onto people while making oral sex. As a result STD can be caused. In any kind of sex, your priority should be its safety, particularly if you don't know the partner well enough.