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The Formula Ingredients behind the Success of VigRX Plus

The common opinion about the factors that make you and your female partner well-satisfied in bed names as the essentials such things as the size and strength of a man's erection and the intensity of the love-making urge, sometimes referred to as libido. It is not a secret that some males happen to experience problems to certain extent with both factors. They happen to have doubts about their ability to make a women scream and shout with desire in bed, which, understandably, hurts their sex lives and self-esteem. But the modern medical industry is in position to help them quit worrying, in an effective way that is healthy and totally safe.

In 2000 the market of sex drive and penis enhancer pills was joined by VigRX. Since that time due to the innovations introduced by its research team, the medicine has evolved into an improved and much more efficient version, VigRX Plus. Though the market is tight and saturated, this new remedy has become the market leader and tops the list of similar drugs. You should allow some time to peruse the true life testimonials of VigRX Plus users at They report amazing effects of the pills - intense, more satisfying orgasms, no problem with premature ejaculation, stronger and more long-term erections, and advanced sexual stamina! The users of the fantastic VigRX Plus will never have to worry about such unpleasant things as dysfunctional erection, premature ejaculation, and emotional problems that used to bugger their sexual lives.

The scientific team of Albion Medical, the creators of amazing VigRX Plus, does not make it a secret that the efficiency and market success of their medicine is mainly based on its improved and well-balanced formulation. Every VigRX Plus pill is a concentrate of centuries-proven extracts from ancient herbs, berries and aphrodisiacs that were brought from all over the world, including South and North America, Asia, China, and Europe. All components and their combinations had been carefully analyzed and tested in labs in order to insure the maximum pleasure and satisfaction when making love!

Epimedium and Cuscuta are the important components of VigRX Plus that come from China. Locally Epimedium is meaningfully called Horny Goat Weed. It contains icariin and thanks to that component is able to boost sexual libido by several times and greatly enhances the erections by increasing the blood flow through the penis and making sexual sensation much stronger and vivid. As it is stated at, the Epimedium component directly affects the quantity of testosterone, the important male sex hormone, in the blood flow, which greatly increases sexual urge and vigor.

In its turn, Cuscuta seed extract, also of Chinese origin, lowers the sperm death rate considerably and beneficially affects the problem of premature ejaculation as well. The fertility functions of both the male and female partners are greatly increased by the introduction of the Cuscuta extract too.

By making notable improvements in the blood circulation and its saturation with oxygen, another beneficial component, the famous Ginkgo Biloba, works in the way similar to Cuscuta seed. The improved blood flow helps overcome the short-term and poor erections syndrome easily. Thank to its ability to provide circulation and oxygenation, Ginkgo Biloba becomes an efficient remedy against such problem as male impotence.

It was the ancient inhabitants of Asia that discovered the wonderful properties of Red Ginseng and made this component a well-proven and efficient oriental medication, supplement, and aphrodisiac - and as such it is still known in modern times. Due to ginsenoside that is contained in Ginseng, this ingredient efficiently overcomes problems with the flow of blood to the penis and the brain, rejuvenates weak bodies, fills them with new energy - and fights premature ejaculation and possible impotence with guarantee!

Saw Palmetto is a powerful aphrodisiac agent, and in this way it is not different from many other ingredients of VigRX Plus. But its beneficial influence on a man's sexual performance and health are not limited to that. Saw Palmetto is highly beneficent for the blood flow and hormonal balance and can be used as a remedy against enlarged glands and urinary infections too.

The main effect of VigRX Plus' is to get rid from dysfunction of erection, premature ejaculation and low or totally absent desire to make love. With that aim in mind the scientists of the research team introduced the exceptionally efficient Muira Pauma bark extract into the total formulation of the pills. As was tested and proved by extensive medical research, more than 60% of males that took the bark extract reported significant improvement of their potency. But nowadays it has become clear that the full potential of this outstanding extract has not yet been discovered. Many other strengths of this ingredient still remain to be discovered.

Another valuable ingredient of VigRX Plus originates from Brazil. It is famous Catuaba bark extract, which acts as unmatched aphrodisiac with power like no other, capable of inducing vivid sensual dreams to be transformed into sexual energy to power the weakened libido. It also provides for an efficient treatment against impotence. At the same time the stressed and tired nervous system of a modern man will surely feel the refreshing and stimulating effect of the wonderful Catuaba bark extract.

The makers of VigRX Plus did not forget to take care of such important body system as your heart by introducing a unique component known as Hawthorn berry. While arousing the sexuality of every male, this unique ingredient improves the blood and oxygen circulations and in this way greatly lowers the risks of suffering blood pressure and heart irregularities.

All the ingredients that are included into the composition of VigRX Plus pills were combined in the only accurate and efficient proportion to rocket the product to the top of the market list. But there are three other components that make VigRX Plus an actually outstanding medical product to outperform all the other penis enlarger pills. These three powerful ingredients are Bioperine, Damiana, and Tribulus.

Tribulus Terrestris has been known in Europe for many centuries as a powerful and reliable sexual medication to improve ones physical vigor, to strengthen erections, stimulate and increase the desire for love making (libido). Being of European origin, Tribulus Terrestris is still widely used in modern Europe and North America as remedy against dysfunctions of sexual nature and as a general stimulant for the body.

To guarantee the maximum satisfaction and unparalleled lovemaking experience for the users of VigRX Plus, Damiana was added to the formulation. It is one of the oldest and most trusted herbal aphrodisiac discovered by the people of Maya many centuries ago. It increases the sensitivity and brightness of male orgasms several times, makes erections stronger and much longer, in general improves the overall level of sexual grit.

The last ingredient that makes VigRX Plus the sure winner among the competitors at the market of sexual enhancement medications is Bioperine. This wonderful drug does the wonderful thing to your body - it increases the absorption speed for the rest of other components of VigRX Plus by more than 30%, and that was proved by laboratory tests of USA medical scientists! The rest of the sexual enhancer pills at the market do not have Bioperine in their composition, VigRX Plus is the only one packed with Bioperine to make the pills take effect 30% faster!

VigRX Plus takes perfect care of the physical, emotional, and sexual needs of men, relives them from emotional and physical despairs connected with dysfunctions of sexual sphere. And it does it in a perfectly safe way, totally free from any annoying side affects. The product is absolutely holistic, composed of natural ingredients, such as herbs and extracts, by the professional team of VigRX Plus to make their clients 100% satisfied